Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Microsoft Surface version 2.0 SDK is Live!

The Microsoft Surface version 2.0 SDK went live yesterday and you can get your hands on a Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface at the Worldwide Partner Conference in L.A. this week. For more information visit the Microsoft Surface Design and Development Center on MSDN. I had the privilege of working on the training content for Microsoft Surface version 2.0. That content includes an online training course, hands-on labs, and a development whitepaper—all of which you can access from the link I provided.


Surface version 2.0 is built on the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system and the .NET Framework 4.0, particularly WPF 4.0 and the XNA Framework 4.0. This means that you can leverage your design and programming experience to quickly come up to speed on developing for Surface. However, the Samsung SUR40 is designed for people to use it from all sides and it supports up to 50 simultaneous touch points. These cause significant design implications that are different from applications you create for other computing platforms. Be sure to read the Design and Interaction Guide and the Designing and Developing Microsoft Surface Applications to learn the ins and out of designing your applications for the SUR40.
I’ll be blogging on some of these points in future posts.
For now, here are a links to resources that you’ll want to get started in developing your Surface version 2.0 applications:


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