Thursday, 18 December 2008

Domain Specific Languages (IV)

Customizing the Domain Model

In order to produce a DSL for modelling simple inheritance relationships, the minimal language domain model produced by the wizard will have to be customized. This will involve renaming the name of the domain classes and domain relationships, adding a new domain property to store the class visibility (public/private etc.), and adding a textual decorator to display the visibility property:
  • Rename ExampleModel to ClassModel.
  • Rename the ExampleElement domain class to Class.
  • Rename the Elements role to Classes.
  • Rename the ClassReferencesTargets relationship to Inheritance.
  • Rename the Targets role to BaseClass.
  • Change the Multiplicity property of BaseClass to 0..1.
  • Rename the Sources role to DerivedClasses.
  • Add a domain property to Class, named Visibility of type String (will enable the user to specify the visibility of the class). To do this, right-click on Class and select Add->DomainProperty.
After making these changes, your domain model should look like:

Finally, click the Transform All Templates button.

Template transformation should always be performed when anything changes in the model, so that the generated code reflects the domain classes and domain relationships on the diagram.

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