Wednesday, 17 December 2008

The CM Christmas Card - Powered by Deep Zoom!

Take a look for yourself by clicking the following link!

Note that you will need the Silverlight plug-in installed to view the card. If you do not have it (or are unsure if you have it or not) the link will guide you the official Silverlight website where you can download it.

Deep Zoom was introduced to the world by Vertigo at the Mix 08 conference with their amazing Hard Rock Café Memorabilia application. It is an implementation of the Microsoft SeaDragon project that is more commonly used in Silverlight applications but is now appearing in other technologies such as Ajax.

As you can see from the Christmas card, DeepZoom gives the impression that the user is able to pan and zoom a very large image in a very smooth and seamless manner with very little lag and loading time. This is made possible by Deep Zoom’s XML based file format and a large “collection” of separate images that are arranged in a pyramid. These are then loaded as on the fly depending on where the user is located within the collection.

To help you on your journey across the sea of pixels, we have wrapped the Deep Zoom control (Silverlight’s MultiScaleImage control) with a navigation menu to give you easy access to a pan control, a Zoom slider and a “Home” button in case you loose your way.

Also check out the CM and Luminosity websites by clicking the relevant logos

Happy Holidays!

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