Thursday, 29 January 2009

Deep Zoom Tool For Microsoft Advertising

For the last month, we have been working on a Silverlight based sales tool for Microsoft Advertising and I'm pleased to say that it has now gone live!

The Sales team is to use this tool to show the advertising opportunities across the entire set of Live based sites including the new Home site, SkyDrive, Mail and Messenger among others.

The tool utilises the new Deep Zoom technology to provide a really cool and intuitive interface for viewing the advert space available across these sites. The information is given to the user through a Hotspot system that displays the advert information when the user hovers over an advert on one of the pages.

Download a copy and have a play for yourself by visiting

I have put together a quick screencast that will show you how to get set up and explore the features the tool provides.


Have Fun!

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